When there's no where to turn. Text LIFE to 61222


Text LIFE to 61222.


How to Help a Friend Who Is Struggling:

  • Tell them about TXT4Life and help them program the number into their phone.
  • Give them the suicide prevention hotline number: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
  • If the friend is suicidal, don’t panic. Stay with them and seek help together.
  • If you feel the friend’s life is in danger, call 911.
  • Reach out to a trusted adult (parent, school counselor) to let them know what’s going on. Your friend may be upset at first, but you could be saving his or her life.

Start a Group at Your School

Establishing a student-led group at your school is a great way to keep the message of suicide prevention and awareness going.  A collaboration of students from all different cliques and background at a school provides yet another resource for youth in crisis.

Even though a student group should focus on the students leading, they will need an adult who can help guide them, speak for them at times, and help organize certain projects. An involved adult will also be the key to keeping a student group active every year; recruiting new students, encouraging advertisement of the group, and communicating with TXT4Life coordinators.

How to Start:

  • Talk to a teacher or counselor who would be willing to oversee the student group and ask him or her to contact the TXT4Life coordinator in your area.
  • Gather other students who are interested.

  • Put together a list of ideas for TXT4Life promotion and suicide prevention and awareness.
  • Send activities, events, and created outreach materials to TXT4Life coordinators – we’ll share them on this page!

See What Other Students Are Doing

Check out the TXT4LIFE commercials made by students, for students on the TXT4Life YouTube channel!

Please note that this video shows an old code for TXT4Life. To reach TXT4Life, text “Life” to 61222.*